Zodiac compatibility

Aries and Sagittarius


Simply put, these two zodiac signs are a good match. Aries and Sagittarius love freedom and honesty. Those born under the Sagittarius sign will help Aries see the overall picture and channel their drive into big ventures worthy of Aries' unlimited energy while Aries people bring out Sagittarius romantic side and creativity. Both signs love to spend, so they will have to learn how to budget if they ever have kids together and want to save up for their kids college fund. Overall, Aries and Sagittarius make a great pairing and are kindred spirits.

Ratings Chart Explained

Very good chemistry with potential to be life long partners or soulmates.

Generally compatible as friends or lovers. Conflicts that arise are usually minor or solvable.

Relationship can have its moments but requires work to sustain in the long run.

Can be a difficult relationship to maintain. Major compromises needed.