Zodiac compatibility

Cancer and Taurus


A Taurus and Cancer pairing has the potential to turn into a lifetime relationship. Both signs share the same views, they want emotional and financial security. They also will be loyal to each other, willing to spend quality time together at home. Taurus and Cancer are a good match and will be together for quite a while...as long as Cancer doesn't stir up too much drama and Taurus don't let the natural pigheadedness tendencies take over. Expect a house with many children or pets if a Taurus and Cancer couple ties the knot.

Ratings Chart Explained

Very good chemistry with potential to be life long partners or soulmates.

Generally compatible as friends or lovers. Conflicts that arise are usually minor or solvable.

Relationship can have its moments but requires work to sustain in the long run.

Can be a difficult relationship to maintain. Major compromises needed.