Zodiac compatibility

Libra and Pisces


Pisces and Libra tend to share common interests as both are likely to be into the arts and they both love romance. It is really easy for these two signs to meet because they frequent the same places such as photography classes and drawing classes. Wonderful romance might ensue but it is unlikely it will last for the long term. Pisces needs a partner with a stronger personality that can lead and provide support. Libra get along better with signs that move at a faster tempo and can do more than just make small talk. The love that develops between these two will probably be puppy love at most.

Ratings Chart Explained

Very good chemistry with potential to be life long partners or soulmates.

Generally compatible as friends or lovers. Conflicts that arise are usually minor or solvable.

Relationship can have its moments but requires work to sustain in the long run.

Can be a difficult relationship to maintain. Major compromises needed.