Zodiac compatibility

Pisces and Capricorn


One likes to work and the other is hardly working. An ambitious male Capricorn will be fine with this arrangement as long as female Pisces is taking care of the house and children and schedule their activities. Their romance will be full of expensive chocolates, wine and flowers especially when they start dating. Expect a traditional wedding if these two marry, not a Los Vegas Drive-Through marriage. If it's a female Capricorn and a male Pisces couple, then the Pisces will have to offer the type of love and affection that Capricorn have never felt before in order to get Capricorn's hand in marriage. Capricorn and Pisces live for the finer things in life and will do well as a couple as long as Pisces don't get too lonely and run off with someone else and Capricorn don't go shopping for a newer, more attractive partner.

Ratings Chart Explained

Very good chemistry with potential to be life long partners or soulmates.

Generally compatible as friends or lovers. Conflicts that arise are usually minor or solvable.

Relationship can have its moments but requires work to sustain in the long run.

Can be a difficult relationship to maintain. Major compromises needed.