Zodiac compatibility

Sagittarius and Cancer


Instant chemistry happens often between Cancer and Sagittarius. They both love to laugh and use humor to hide behind their insecurities. But they make better friends than lovers, as their chemistry makeup is far too different and they will feel out of their element together. Sagittarius will want to rush into romance but Cancer will want the exact opposite. As friends, Cancer can serve up support and advice with Sagittarius lending an ear to hear Cancer's deepest thoughts and secrets. If these two are to become a couple, they will have to start at the friendship level and then slowly grow over time to something more.

Ratings Chart Explained

Very good chemistry with potential to be life long partners or soulmates.

Generally compatible as friends or lovers. Conflicts that arise are usually minor or solvable.

Relationship can have its moments but requires work to sustain in the long run.

Can be a difficult relationship to maintain. Major compromises needed.